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Diane Feingold

Licensed Watsu®,
Water Release
and Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Human Energy Design Life Coach


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Sessions are held
at "Healing Waters," Santa Barbara, CA,
Cottage Care Health Systems, and beautiful waters Worldwide.

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Diane Feingold is an experienced Watsu®, WaterDance & WRT Water Release Therapist®, Instructor and HED Human Energy Design Life Coach in Santa Barbara, California USA.   She learned Watsu® from the founder, Harold Dull and a host of gifted creators of the Aquatic Arts at Harbin Hot Springs where Watsu® was born.

Diane is a powerful healer; Yoga Instructor, Breath work facilitator, Somatic Therapist, Witness (Sh'ma) Grief Work Specialist and Life Coach, who has further developed her gifts in Healing Touch and Stillness through the Native American guided teachings of Jennie Marlow. 

The WRT Water Release Therapy®, whether on land or water, is about this profound potential for healing through releasing our issues, shattering our limitations and accessing the potential of living the life of our dreams.

In addition to offering Private Watsu®, WaterDance, WRT Water Release Therapy® Sessions and Private 2-3 Day WRT Intensives...  Diane is an authorized Instructor of Basic Watsu® and 'New' Basic Watsu® through WABA and WRTB.  She offers Introductory Watsu®, Basic Watsu®, 'New' Basic Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapy® 'Provider' Trainings Levels 1 and 2/3 for those interested in sharing with others in warm body temperature water Worldwide. 

She is also dedicated to (offering CEU credits) assisting others looking to bring their talents and skills into the warm water to heal, share, learn, earn, grow and be inspired (if desired) to become licensed as Watsu® Practitioners and WRT Water Release Therapy® 'Providers and Practitioners through WRTB and AMTA.

Diane is available to Travel to beautiful Waters, Resorts and Healing Centers Worldwide for Private Aquatic Therapy as well as offer WRT 'Provider' Trainings (with the foundation of Basic Watsu®) for Spas, Resorts and Healing Centers sharing WRT Water Release Therapy® as a Signature Aquatic Service Menu offering.  Diane is available to Travel Worldwide for Private gatherings for Organizers who wish to host Aquatic Therapy Sessions, Intensives and Trainings.

As a Life Coach, Diane offers clients and students private HED Human Energy Design Readings.  An Aquatic session may be augmented with a Human Energy Design Reading if desired. 

The Human Energy Design is accessed through your personal birth chart which can be considered your unique energetic illustration of a road map for life.  Along with the I Ching The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, the Hindu Chakra system, the ancient wisdom texts of the Jewish Kabbalah and the work of the original founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu,  Diane uses Jennie Marlow's book Self Intelligence, a clear concise guide, to help us reveal truths about each persons unique design. 

Through the use of these tools, the road map is explored ...your unique human energy design is embraced along with the potential to how best navigate your personal journey in this lifetime with greater ease, flow and joy.

Readings are done by phone, typically 1 hr.

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From the beginning, Diane has been passionate about healing through deep presence, light and love.



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Watsu® is a Registered Trademark of Harold Dull.
WRT Water Release Therapy® is a Registered Trademark of Diane Feingold.
WaterDance is an Aquatic immersion modality developed by Richard Bock and concurrently 'Wassertanzen' was developed in Switzerland by Aman Schroter and Arjana Brunschwiler.
Healing Dance is an Aquatic Modality above and below the surface developed by
Inika Sati Spence and Alexander George.
Presence of Being a modality of 'Being' created by
Richard Bock and Shantam Lantz.

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