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Diane Feingold

Licensed Watsu®,
Water Release
and Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Human Energy Design Life Coach


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Sessions are held
at "Healing Waters," Santa Barbara, CA,
Cottage Care Health Systems, and beautiful waters Worldwide.

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" There is only one

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Diane offers Watsu®, WaterDance and WRT Water Release Therapy® Sessions in two locations in Santa Barbara: Healing Waters and the Cottage Care Health Systems.

Diane offers WRT Water Release Therapy® Private Sessions, 2-3 Day WRT Intensives, and Group WRT Water Release Therapy® 'Provider" Trainings in beautiful waters Worldwide.

Private Sessions 1-2 hrs.
2-3 Day WRT Intensives
6-12 hrs.
Transition Experience
2-5 hrs.


Universal Ritual and
Renewal through
'Transition Experience'

'Transition Experience' is Sound Healing combined with WRT Water Release Therapy®. 

Diane enjoys collaborating with a variety of talented professionals to experience 'Living Music':

The Universal sounds of the cello, guided by Professor Jakub Omsky, tunes the cello to your inner sound and illuminates the voice within ... this inner sound awakens the energetics of the client.  Held in this resonance the 'Receiver' then enters the warm waters with Diane Feingold for WRT Water Release Therapy®.

The sacred drums, crystal bowls, voice, toning, and didgeridoo of Shaun and Kris Oster and others magnifies and awakens the cells of the body in the warm water while receiving.

Healing Waters

The Session is 'given' in an in-ground, salt and mineral purification pool. The warm, 97 degree water set in a beautiful, private aromatherapy garden is well suited for simplicity and ease. While being supported the body is guided through a series of fluid, flexible movements similar to gentle yoga. The body is stretched and massaged on key pressure points. The support of the water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land. Gentle twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves and will often undo the dysfunction this pressure causes to organs serviced by those nerves. In water, worries float away. People reconnect with themselves, come back to their center and feel relaxed, nurtured and happy.

Receivers are rewarded with physical, emotional and psychological peace along with feeling uplifted with greater vital energy, mental clarity and well being.

Gentle stretches accompany the Breath, Shiatsu , Yoga, Deep Presence, Tantsu®, Cranial Sacral, Somatic movement and Stillness.

If appropriate Diane encourages the experience of WaterDance and WRT Water Release Therapy® where even deeper openings can occur.

However the perfect session unfolds,
it is reflected in the intuitive Deep Presence of 'listening' or Sh'ma (in Hebrew this means 'Witness') to the needs, the breath, the heart, and the circumstances of each client in each moment.

Services offered

Private Sessions....................................$190/hr. _____________________________

Discounts offered for multiple WRT Sessions and Intensives:

3 hours within 3 weeks:
multiple Session discount……………………..........$550

6 hours within 6 weeks:
multiple Session discount………………….......….$1080

Private WRT Intensives:
4 hour Intensive
over 2 days ....................................
additional offerings over 3 days

WRT may include 'Living Music'
above and below
the surface of the water:

2 hour 'Transition Experience'......$460
additional offerings for
longer experiences

Sessions must be paid in advance and received within the time frame specified.

Purchase by Mail:
WRT Water Release Therapy®
c/o Diane Feingold
6 Harbor Way Ste. 233
Santa Barbara, CA 93109


Packages and Gift Certificates available.
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Cottage Care Health Systems

Located at 2415 De La Vina in Santa Barbara, the Cottage Care Health Systems provides inpatient, outpatient, and community-based programs for people with brain, spinal cord injury, stroke, neurological, orthopedic problems and many other disabling conditions resulting from injury and illness.

This beautiful outdoor heated aquatic therapy pool with handicap chair lift and ramps for wheelchair access has contracted with Diane privately for her Watsu®, WaterDance and WRT Water Release Therapy® Sessions and Group Trainings.

All sessions are made by appointment only through Diane at 805.569.7047 or dianefeingold@gmail.com

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