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Diane Feingold

Licensed Watsu®,
Water Release
and Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Human Energy Design Life Coach


dianefeingold@ gmail.com

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Sessions are held
at "Healing Waters," Santa Barbara, CA,
Cottage Care Health Systems, and beautiful waters Worldwide.

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Water Moves


Water is like

inside out

the Sea of Circles

within Outland,

where there is

no discrimination

between the Other,

where all that is

meets it's Self,

when now was then

willing to Be





Watsu® is an extraordinary modality of aquatic bodywork in which the 'Receiver' experiences many different sensations: deep relaxation, a sense of calmness and an overall feeling of release while being floated in warm water. This aquatic bodywork is a deeply meditative and profound experience that draws on your body’s natural healing energies to bring more comfort, ease, spaciousness, freedom, vitality and balance to all aspects of your body and being.

There are gentle stretches along with Shiatsu massage, Yoga, and Tantsu® along with the connection of breath and movement. If applicable, Diane encourages the experience of WaterDance where even deeper openings can occur. However, the perfect session unfolds it is
reflected in the intuitive deep presence available when listening to the needs, the breath and circumstances of each client in each moment.

Learn to face life out of the water with greater equanimity and flexibility


WaterDance, also known as 'Wassertanzen', like Watsu® begins with the client held above the surface of the water. And in 'Wassertanzen' the client is then given nose plugs,gradually and gently taken entirely under the water. Once freed from the bounds of head support and gravity, the client’s body can be moved, stretched, and moved in literally unlimited ways. 'Wassertanzen' incorporates elements of massage, Aikido, dolphin and snake movements, rolls, somersaults, inversions, dance and much more. The effects of this work include physical release, and can combine with deep states of relaxation, meditation, bliss, visions, and pure joy.

Some clinically proven benefits of Watsu® and WaterDance include:

• Deep and often profound Relaxation
• Reduced Pain, Stress, and Fatigue
• Increased Energy
• Reduced Muscle Tension, Weakness and Guarding
• Interruption of muscle contractions and pain cycles
• Increased Range of Motion
• Improved Body Awareness, Muscle Tone, Posture, Breathing, and Circulation
• The Recovery and Release of Emotional Issues and deep seated trauma.



Some conditions that respond well to Aquatic Bodywork:

• Chronic Back problems; Shoulders, Necks, Hips
• Strokes and recovery
• Stress, and Stress-Related Disorders
• Acute and Chronic Pain, including Headaches
• Fibromyalgia
• Parkinson's

• Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Sleeping Problems
• Strains, Sprains, and Fractures
• Arthritis
• Depression, Hyperactivity
• Neuromuscular Disorders
• Head Injuries
• Recovery from Emotional and Physical Trauma from Auto accidents (at any stage)
• Discomforts of Pregnancy (at any stage)
• Trust Issues Resulting from Trauma and Abuse
• Grief Work
• Fear of the Water





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For more information about Watsu® and WaterDance visit: www.waba.edu


The effects of being wrapped in the energetic field of the therapist’s heart energy in a warm fluid environment, with a new relationship to gravity, spatial orientation, temperature, light, sound, and movement can create a great calming, centering sense of well being. Deepak Chopra often refers to the term 'Homeostasis' to describe this feeling of Balance, resolution, and healing.

One frequently discovers the effects and illumination of oneness with all of life which can often be a profound message to the central nervous system.

Diane treats her clients and patients to an experience of Watsu® and WaterDance Therapy combined with the breath which becomes an experience of trusting presence and conscious awareness for growth and inner well being.

Diane offers retreat packages for couples and families combining both land and water modalities.

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